1. How do I participate in the MyVoice  program?

Selected individuals are invited to participate in the MyVoice survey by mail.

2. Is there a cost for joining MyVoice?

Your participation in the MyVoice program is absolutely FREE! 

3. Why should I participate in MyVoice?

The rewards are many.  First and foremost, by participating in this program you get the chance to make your voice count with companies across Canada.  Secondly, you get the opportunity to win cash prizes.  And last but certainly not least, you are eligible to receive free high value coupons and sometimes samples from leading companies.

4. What happens after I complete the MyVoice survey?

Sometime after completing your survey you could receive high value coupons and samples by mail. These offers will be highly relevant and tailored to your household, based upon your survey responses. And if you answered “yes” to our survey permission question, you may also receive additional offers from companies who have products and services that you may be interested in buying.

5. Can everyone in my household participate?

Membership is limited to one person per household. If more than one person per household completes the survey, we can only accept the first person that replies. Remember, when you fill out the survey, you are answering it on behalf of all members of your household.

6. Do I need to buy anything in order to qualify for the contests?

No! Participation is free.  MyVoice does not sell anything to our participants.

7. Can I participate and win prizes if I live outside of Canada?

At this time, our program is available to Canada residents only.

8. What happens if I want to stop participating in MyVoice?

You may cancel your participation at any time. Email us at contactus@my-voice.ca or write to us at the following address:

465 Milner Ave., Unit 4
Toronto, Ontario
M1B 2K4

9. What kind of rewards can a MyVoice participant expect to receive?

First, upon completion of the survey, you will be entered into the draw for the $5,000 Grand Prize and if you meet the deadline indicated on your survey package, the Fast Response Bonus Prize of $500.

You can also receive ongoing rewards either by email or postal mail in the form of high-value, money-saving coupons, free samples, and other relevant information based upon the survey information you provide about your household.

10. What happens to the information I provide on the survey?

We analyze the survey responses and group consumers based on these responses. We then connect our clients with these groups of consumers. These clients offer free product samples, valuable coupons, information, research, discounts and other special offers. Since what you receive is based on your responses, you will only receive relevant offers and information.  These clients provide such offers and information through the MyVoice package.  Sometimes (but only with your permission) our clients may send you additional, relevant offers separately.  For complete details, read our Privacy Policy.

11. Why do you ask such personal questions (for example, age and income)?

Personal questions are asked as a way to place you and your household members into demographic groups along with other consumers. This information also helps us send you the product and service offers that suit your lifestyle.

12. How can I update my information?

Please send us an email to contactus@my-voice.ca with your complete old postal mailing address and/or email address along with your new postal mailing address and/or email address so that we may update our records.